5 Love Languages

Valentine’s Day. I used to be a child full of whimsy and filled with ideas of romance, but as I grew older these ideals slowly fell away and somehow, I became a sceptic and a realist along the way without even realizing it. The older I get, the more I realise that regardless of the beginnings of these Hallmark Holidays – if they didn’t exist, time would pass me by so fast without taking the time to stop and appreciate the ones I love. The empowering idea is that that in recent years Valentine’s Day is taking on a form of its own, not only celebrating our partners – but also our children, dearest friends, mentors, ourselves.


Take the time to do the 5 Love Languages test, if you can. If you haven’t heard of it – the concept is that each of us give and receive love a different way (it was a bit of an ah-ha Oprah moment for understanding myself and my husband and why we clash in that department at times!). We each fall into a category of either feeling love more through Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, or Physical Touch – and this is prone to shift from time to time. The Love Language we feel is often how we give love, however this may not be how your loved one best receives it, and so comes a deliberate action – to thoughtfully act how your loved one receives love and follow through with an action that may not come naturally to you.


The reason Peregrine exists, is because I love the idea of thoughtful gifting. Gifting with purpose and meaning. Where bespoke items and memories become the fabric that is passed down and that look of nostalgia and fondness washes over a person’s face when they pick up an item in the store that reminds them of something or someone special. Kat and I have put together a list of some of our favourite ideas in store (she is an absolute power force in gift giving and telling stories through them), but we hope you take them as a catalyst to adapt it to your own journey with your loved one. Please reach out to us if you have any questions – we’d love to help you execute your plan (or send this link through to your own loved one to help them with ideas!).


Jessie + Kat


Quality Time | Faraway Picnic 
 There is little that quietens the soul and promotes togetherness like the still of a secluded picnic.  Note the logistics of a patch that is special to you on a card and sweep your loved one away to that very destination with all the picnic essentials gift wrapped and tucked in the trunk.
Step it up:  Have the logistics embroided on the picnic rug.

Head to the Quality Time tab to explore.

Words Of Affirmation | Custom Journal Entry
There is something about the written word that makes my heart warm.  Some of the greatest love letters of all time were scribed in such a way that you can still feel the love in the words today and forever will.  Gift your loved one a beautiful leather bound journal, with the first entry already scribed....by you.
Step it up:
  Have a moment in time stamped on the leather wrap or pair with a divine leather artist roll plump with pencils.

Head to the Words of Affirmation tab to explore.

Physical Touch |
Tipi For Two
Hands up if this is your favourite "puts hand up".  I'm obsessed with the idea of a tandem getaway in a gorgeous tipi for two.  Throw a dart at a map with your loved one and journey to destination unknown with a canvas Tipi Tent wrapped and ready to unravel when you arrive.  
Step It Up: Log this journey + those that follow and then tuck your log books away in an archive box allowing your children to re-create your travels in the future.  

Head to the
Physical Touch tab to explore.

Acts of service |  Luxury Lay-In
Gift your loved one a little extra 'me time' this Valentines Day with a Lay-In + Room Service as dawn breaks.  Pop together a culinary masterpiece in the kitchen (our gorgeous Falcon range is just the ticket for putting together a gorgeous spread) then lay in with your loved one until noon.  
Step It Up: Fresh-face the bed with a statement throw rug that doubles as the perfect landing space on the lawn to watch the sun drop down.

Head to the Acts of Service tab to explore

Receiving Gifts | Gifting with Thought

It should come as no surprise that my Love Language is Gift Giving... Gifting with thought and intention is the very foundation of the Peregrine Store and it's something i'm so passionate about.  This Valentines Day I encourage you to wrap an experience.  Select something that holds special meaning to to the recipient, or something that can be passed on through generations.

The Talisman Door Knocker is an incredible gift for those celebrating their first Valentines in a new home.  Pair this with a sweet selection of blackened iron Society Numbers specific to the address or as a nod to a significant date in your relationship.

The Market Carry All is a personal favourite of mine. This piece must be paired with a morning spent meandering through a bustling farmers market with your Valentine.

If your valentine is a creator by nature, you cannot go past the Mollyjogger Scrimshaw Knife Kit. Scrimshaw is an early American art form (originating in the 1700's) where the 'big catch', the family name, or an image of inspiration is carved into a bone-handled pocket-knife.  This kit is exceptionally popular in store and is a generational gift that will be long remembered.

If your soulmate is a land dweller, our Recycled Wool Blankets and Blanket Rolls go together like birds of a feather. Bundle these with a Walks In Nature guide, bookmark a route for February 14 and hit the trail this Valentines Day.

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