Birch Bark Woven Basket | Informal Workshop August

Birch Bark Woven Basket | Informal Workshop August

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Please fill in the form below to register your interest or call us on 0432 395 530

Join us for an informal workshop hosted at Peregrine Store. Gather with a small group of people as we work through upskilling and learning a new craft. 

Please leave your email to register your interest.

Price includes the DIY kit from The Spoon Crank and catering with locally sourced fresh produce. 

Birch Bark Woven Basket DIY Kit – The finished basket measures approx. 12 cm (diameter) x 7 cm (height)

Included in the kit:

  • Birch Bark Strips for one Basket
  • Clothespins x8
  • Instructions Manual

The bark is hand harvested responsibly in the northern Sweden.
Please note that the finished woven basket showing in the pictures is not included.