Body Bindle No.2

Body Bindle No.2

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The Body Bindle No. 2 is right at home with those who hold a sacred space for all things natural.  Much forethought has been placed into selecting self-pamper items that promote a reduction of toxins and that fly the flag for an earth infused well-being regime.  

Our Tip:  Purchase multiple bindles and enjoy to a truly beautiful group pamper day. 

This set includes:

Wild Beauty Book

Pepit Papillion Face Mask

Yard Skincare Lipbalm

Sweet Nola Soap

Loom Linen Face Washer

Falcon Enamel Tray

Each gift is carefully wrapped in a linen Bindle, handmade by the Peregrine Store family and perfect to use to store items in after gifting.

Please note that our Bindles are made to order and will require 48 hours notice before pickup, please contact the store if you have any questions. Should you need, we recommend foraging in your garden to freshen up the posy to make it your own to gift. Each bindle colour may vary, subject to availability.