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Bread Bakers Bindle

Bread Bakers Bindle

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The Bread Bakers Bindle has been curated especially for those who love to take the time to bake.  


'The positive effect that the process of baking has on your mental wellbeing - it's simple enough for anyone to master, but it does demand time, and the way this forces you not to rush, and to let go of the impulse to control, is good for your head. Patience, care and attention are rewarded...sourdough is the antithesis of our overheated social media age'
Role Allen


Our Tip: Draw out a treasured family recipe, tuck it ever so neatly inside the bindle and share a gift to be treasured through generations.

This set includes:


Bread Masters Rectangle Proving Basket

Dough Whisk

Bread Lame

Set of 2 Linen Bags

Choice of: Sourdough From Scratch Book or How To Raise A Loaf

Each gift is carefully wrapped in a linen Bindle, handmade by the Peregrine Store family and perfect to use to store items in after gifting.

Please note that our Bindles are made to order and will require 48 hours notice before pickup, please contact the store if you have any questions. Should you need, we recommend foraging in your garden to freshen up the posy to make it your own to gift. Each bindle colour may vary, subject to availability.