Smokey Eggplant Probiotic Dip

Smokey Eggplant Probiotic Dip

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Kehoe's Kitchen smoke fresh eggplant themselves, then ferment them in sauerkraut juice to create this delicious creamy probiotic version of Baba Ganoush.  Due to the light natural light smoke flavour and the fermentation it has a very strong umami flavour and is very very tasty.

Like all our products it is  are raw, fermented & probiotic.  This dip/spread will keep for weeks even after opening.

Ingredients: House smoked eggplant (37%), CASHEWS, organic sauerkraut juice (cabbage, mild curry spices, salt) garlic & sea salt.  Wild fermented.  No vinegar or starter cultures used.

Allergens: CASHEWS.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Serve as a condiment with meals.
  • enjoy as a snack with crackers, flatbread, turkish bread, sourdough or veggies sticks.
  • Spread on kebabs, tacos, burgers, wraps & sandwiches.

Kehoe’s Kitchen is 100% Australian owned and operated. 65% of the ingredients in this dip are Australian grown.