The Superfood Alchemy Cookbook

The Superfood Alchemy Cookbook

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Delicious vegetarian recipes blending nutrient-dense plant foods, herbs, and spices in powerful combos that amp up each dish's healing properties, from a chef-turned-health coach.

The Superfood Alchemy Cookbook shares a powerful approach to wellness. Chef and health coach Jennifer Iserloh shows how cooking like an alchemist provides a way to integrate healing practices into your everyday routine. These recipes bring together nature's strongest ingredients - superfoods, adaptogens, essential oils, and healing herbs and spices - in delicious combinations that increase their healing properties. (For example, most of us know that cooking tomatoes boosts the fruits' heart-healing lycopene, but did you know that pairing turmeric with black pepper helps the body get the most from its anti-inflammatory compounds?)

Create dishes to:

Boost immunity

Reduce inflammation

Restore and maintain gut health

Encourage mental focus and mood balance

Support gentle detox and more.

Each chapter also shares simple home remedies, natural body treatments, and powerful rituals for wellness in body and soul.